Intellischools - Websites & Mobile Apps | Frequently Asked Questions
1. Communication today is fast paced and delivered digitally.
2. Attention spans are lower and time available to read and understand is limited.
3. School communication remains unchanged over the past many decades, usually through the school calendar or via PTA forums. Digital mediums such as websites, mobile apps and social media platforms such as youtube enable schools to engage continuously with parents, students, teachers and alumni.
4. There is also a proliferation of multiple screens, requiring that communication be delivered across multiple platforms at home, office or on the go.
5. School websites need to communicate information on news and events, make forms available and easy to download and provide relevant links to photos, videos etc. as well as social media such as youtube and Facebook.However, it is equally important to get the domain name right, ensure that the site has the right mix of historical information, current events and news as well as enable alumni and PTA to reach out to the school.
6. It is equally important to easily update news, events and photos to provide users relevant information.
7. Our Wordpress based websites are easy to update and maintain and can be learnt with minimal training.
1. Websites are viewed across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
2. Increasingly all websites have to be responsive i.e. they adjust to the screen size of the device.
3. Websites also need to be regular updated with the latest software versions and plugins to work smoothly.
4. Images have to be optimised so that they do not take a long time to load and the user experience has to be seamless across different browsers.
Security is paramount for any website, especially those belong to a school.
1. Security process include well defined security protocols at the school admin end, with escalation in case of any issue.
2. There’s a high risk of computers being compromised due to poor security measures, but these should not affect the website.
3. Hosted in secure servers with redundancy and backup processes, we ensure optimum delivery. Our security protocols ensure that only bonafide users can make changes to the site and any untoward activity is immediately reported and tracked.
Do you know how your website is doing? How is it performing over time and where are users going? Every website we create is embedded with google analytics, so that you can access information such as:
1. User behaviour
2. Operating systems
3. Day / Time of day usage etc.
4. New and returning users.
5. Country of origin etc. This information can also be accessed by the Google analytics app on your Android or IOS phones as well as through this link: Analytics.
Mobiles are either featured (calling , SMS ) or Smart phones ( able to access the internet ). Smart phones have multiple operating systems such as Android ( Samsung, Micromax etc.), IOS (iPhone, iPad), Blackberry, Windows and Nokia. Our experience with multiple schools and analytics data suggests that Android is the most prevalent system among Indian parents of State Board schools. Android has also multiple versions from ver 2.3 (gingerbread ) to the latest Marshmallow version, as well as different screen sizes from mobile phones to tablets as well as different resolutions. Android Mobile App Our Android Mobile app has been built to work across the maximum number of screens and is based on version 4.0 onwards, which is where majority of the users are. It does work with lower versions, but the experience may be less than optimal. There is strong data to suggest that engagement with parents increases 2 to 3 times after the app is launched.
Features accessible on the mobile app include a combination of school and Intellinects provided options. Typically School information includes
1. News
2. Events
3. Teachers/Faculty
4. Parents
5. Youtube
6. Facilities
7. About us
8. Roll of honour
9. Student cabinet
Any smart phone user knows the value of notifications, which provide alerts on the apps that they use, the most common ones being email or whatsapp related. Several news organisations also use notifications to alert app users. Our Mobile app uses push notification for providing immediate updates to parents on news and calendar updates. Tapping on the notification takes you straight to the information without the need of opening the app.
In order to view the attachment file, please make sure your phone has the following applications installed: 1. Google Sheets (or MS Excel) 2. Google Doc (or MS Word) 3. Google Slides (or MS Powerpoint)
Visit your school website on your mobile browser. On the home page you will see either a Google Play Store picture or an iTunes picture. Click on the relevant picture based on your mobile handset. If you have an Android phone, click on Google Play and if you have a iPhone click on the iTunes picture. You will be redirected to the app on the play store. Click on the Install button. The app will be installed.
This issue might occur for the following reasons - 1. Your internet connection is weak. We suggest you connect to a WiFi and then try downloading the app. 2. Your phone has insufficient memory. Please clear your phone memory and then try again. 3. For Android Phone - You are using an older version of Android phone. The School app is built for Android 4.0 and higher. We suggest you check your Android Version. 4. For iPhone - Please check the iOS running on your phone. Our application is supported on iOS 8 and the next versions.
You can ONLY Login once you receive an SMS from your school with your USER ID and Password. Once you receive the SMS from the school, please follow the below steps: 1. Click on Login and type the USER ID (you received in the SMS) and registered mobile no. Click on Register. 2. Type your USER ID, MOBILE NO and PASSWORD and then click on Login. If you are still unable to Login, please contact the school to check if you have submitted the correct information.
Our secure areas provide student specific information on Messages, Homework, Timetables, Attendance and Evaluation The mobile app presents select info from the website in the open area and as such information needs to be curated and provided. The secure are can only be accessed via registered mobile numbers.
1. Does secure area work on all phones?
A: Secure area works on all Android phones with an OS of 4.0 or later and iPhones with IOS & and above. These include phones from manufacturers like Alcatel, Asus, Celkon, Gionee, Huawei, HTC, Karbonn, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Max, Micromax, Motorola, Oppo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sansui, Sony, Videocon and Xolo.

2. What if don’t have an android phone? What about feature phones?
A: In order to provide parents with the information from the Institute, we will also shortly be providing web access

3. How do I register?
A: Registration can only be done via the Institute. It requires a few details especially the phone number. Once the app is launched, Click the “Login” icon. It will take you to a login screen. Click “Register”. It will then ask for your mobile number and you have to click on register button. See the screen flow below. You need to REGISTER each and every device which you intend using.

Messaging Secure one way messaging with notifications to parents for their child Timetable View the latest class and exam timetables Attendance Our system (mobile and desktop based), makes it easy to input attendance and report the same efficiently for students. Access to the system is available to school administrator and teachers. Attendance systems vary by school for students (Once a day, For every period/lecture, Twice a day). Leave of absence is recorded (Full day, Half day, From and to dates (no of days)). Reasons for absence are also recorded. Reports provided include daily, weekly, monthly (YTD reports) and Full Year reports
1. SMS notifications: Mobile update via SMS for absent students.
2. Reports: Standard attendance reports provided in MS Excel format.
3. Attendance: Weekly/Monthly/Term-wise attendance also can be recorded.
4. Attendance History: can be viewed by the teachers and parents and is directly integrated with the mobile application.
5. Automated systems
6. RFID cards :Replace conventional cards with smart cards/readers
7. Entry and exit points record students attendance Evaluation Parents treasure their own reports cards from their school days to reflect on the days gone by.
Today’s parents can have this information available on their mobile or email and can be used to track a child’s performance over a period of time. Reporting via mobile is now available. It reduces paper and provides parents information at their finger tips Learning Management Systems Learning Management System (LMS) designed to provide educators, learners and administrators with a single robust, secure & integrated system to create personalized learning environments. System available to school authorised personnel. Initially kept as a digital filing system for teachers, which can later be shared with parents and students. Primarily desktop/laptops with access available on Mobile platforms based on Moodle, the world’s largest open source learning system. Content provided by the school as well as third party resources Dashboards
1. Single view of the entire school ecosystem.
2. We store and manage data for each school in such a way that the data needs to be entered only once and it can be used by all applications
3. We have our own dedicated server in the US and multiple VPS we test applications before taking them live.
4. Our solutions are largely based on open sourced platforms and are scalable and reliable.
5. We give prime importance to security and ensure data always remains private
Please go through our FAQ’s and see if it can answer your questions. If your queries are not answered, we would suggest you raise a ticket immediately with details provided such as userid, mobile no etc. Given the large number of applications we cannot provide telephonic support. Ticket responses usually take one hour and in rare cases two hours during working hours/days from 9.30 am to 6 pm. In case we need to reach you for any information, we will call you.
Ticket responses usually take one hour and in rare cases two hours during working hours/days from 9.30 am to 6 pm. In case we need to reach you for any information, we will call you. Response time is required to understand the issue, access the data files, authenticate the information and then respond. Please do not respond multiple tickets in case you do not get a response as it only complicates the responses.
Sometimes, the mobile phone network may delay the delivery of the SMS for up to one hour. You may also try again by clicking on the FORGOT PASSWORD link for the SMS to be resent to you.
Problems with registering and login can happen due to a number of reasons • Browser is not updated
• Connection drops or is too slow
• Password not received or incorrect password If you have not received the password, please login to our portal and inform us.